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  • Angel Affiliate Program

    Are you tired of working all day, all night, trying to get that extra income you need? Dreaming of an easier way to earn them but don’t know how? What if we tell you we know exactly how! Step into the magical world of Exabytes, and be blessed with a heavenly opportunity that will get you smiling blissfully!

    Introducing Exabytes Angel Program – a program that will take you away from your financial troubles and allow you to gain extra cash – the easiest way! All you have to do, is refer your friend to our products/services and you will earn commission in return.

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How to earn Extra RM400 a month?

Sign up Angel Program

Click here to sign up an account in order to be our angel. You will get a start up BONUS RM50 instantly!

Copy The Code & Paste

Go to your banners page in your Angel account, copy the “Source Code” and paste it in your website.

Generate Sales

When people click on your banner and place order accordingly, sales will be detected in your account.

Get Payment

Last approved commission must stay active for at least 3 months before it can be accumulated in the RM400 payout.

Angel Affiliate Program Commission Guide

Angel Affiliate Program Commission

Web Hosting Plan Commission
Dedicated Server A powerful package specially designed for individuals who care enough to give the very best to the safety of their files, data and more. RM 388.00
Semi-Dedicated Server / Server Co-location A package tailored for professionals with more performance and even more server resource usage than normal shared hosting plan could offer. RM 198.00
EBuzzzz Email Marketing RM 118.00
Premium Business Email Hosting Plan An email hosting which can never FAIL you. No longer worry that your inbox is full now. RM 118.00
EBiz Pro Website Solution Create Your Website For Desktop, Mobile and TabletRM 118.00
EBiz Gold / Gold Unlimited Web Hosting Plan A complete package for emerging online businesses that aim for powerful and advance web server with splendid features! RM 118.00
EBiz Plus Web Hosting Plan A whole personal package catered for individuals who aim for dynamic website with dynamic functionalities! RM 78.00
EBiz Beginner / Xtudent / EBiz Home An affordable package designed to provide students, parents and family with a platform to blog or express just about anything, in a fun and exciting way! RM 8.00
Sign up now and get a start up BONUS RM50.00 FREE! Sign Up Today!

Angel Affiliate Program Features

Signup Bonus

RM50 of signup bonus. We will give you RM50 instantly just for joining. Why wait? Get your bonus today!

Higher Commission

The more you refer, the more you earn. You can earn up to RM388 for referring a dedicated server to us.

Ready-Made Banners

We provide you the catchy and most up-to-date banners on all our latest promotions.

Reliable and Fast Payout

Payout will be done every end of the month. In other words, you will get your accumulated commissions at the beginning of the month!

50-Year Cookie Tracking

In laymen's term, your referral will be tracked forever. The cookie will remain in your PC as long as you do not delete it.

5% of top-tier earning

You are allowed to sign up additional angels via your link. Once your sub-angels earn a commission, you earn 5% from it.

Monthly Updates

Monthly updates on latest tips in our newsletter. Learn how to earn side income via our ebook guide.

Message board for discussions

Reach out to our helpful staff in Exabytes Angel Forum. We will post and discuss updates about Angel Programme.

Contest & online activities

A chance to win latest IT gadgets, vouchers and etc in our contest or online activities specially organized for angels.

Be our Whitelighter

Be a whitelighter and earn all the priorities to all Exabytes company events.You will be treated like a Super V.I.P.

Successful Story

  • " Thank you for you and your crew's help because finally i successfully redirect the domain to my blogspot today. Good job exabytes' crew! You are the best! :) "Kevin Tain
  • " This is another reason why exabytes been around for so long and why we customers love em so much. rock on! "fuNky (RS Gusto Trading Enterprise)
  • " In my (soon to be 2 years) hosting/domain renewal with Exabyte (Malaysia), I have not ceased to be amazed by the efficiency of the ticketing system. Tickets are replied the moment they receive your queries irrespective of which department handles your tickets. Another amazing achievement is how well the various departments cooperate to solve a client's problem. I would recommend Exabyte to all Malaysians intending to have their own hosted website as long as they can maintain this tradition of excellence. Special thanks to SH Neoh also for his/her rapidquick reply in solving my queries. "Jo @

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Frequently Asked Questions
Will it cost me anything to become an angel of Exabytes?
It is absolutely free!
How to sign up for our Angel's program?
Just register yourselves at
Who is eligible to sign up for this Angel's program?

Exabytes Angel - F.A.Q.

When will I get paid?
You will be entited for the angel's payout when you have accumulated RM 400 and the most recent hosting package referred to us must be active for at least 3 months. The RM 400 is not inclusive of the RM 50 signup bonus.
What is the payout method?
We will send you cheque for your angel's payout.
How much I will get for each sign up?
Please refer the commission guide table.
When I earn a commission, how soon will it be reflected in my account?
The Commission will be reflected in your account 90 days after the payment of the purchased services is received by Exabytes.
How can I promote my angel's ads/links and increase my profits?
You could find the banners, links, text from your angel's accounts.
If I do not place the order using my angel's link, can I still get the commission?
No, you can't. You must place the order using your angel's links in order for our system
to detect your order.
How do I track my incoming sales and profits?
You can track your angel's commission from your angel log in.
Can I register in and the sale is tracked under ?
Unfortunately nope. You must register in for US orders and for MY orders.
How many products can I promote at one time?
As many as you want! We do not limit the number of products our Angel referred.
Can I edit the banner given by exabytes?
We are sorry to say that you are unable to edit the banners. We will update our banners for new promotion.
What if I lose my password?
You can retrieve your password from
Enter your username, and your password will be sent to your email.
Will Exabytes cheat Angel by "undoing" the commission on a sale, or by pretending that a sale was returned?
No, Exabytes will never practise such an act.

Exabytes Post-angel - F.A.Q.

How do I cancel my angel account?
You just have to email us and we will terminate your account.
What about the previously earned commission after I have cancelled my angel account?
Commission that has not reached the minimum payout will be forfeited

Existing Exabytes Affiliates - F.A.Q.

Should I enrol this new Angel programme?
You will be automatically enrolled into our new Angel programme if you are our existing affiliate.
What is the difference between the old Affiliate programme and the new Angel Programme?
In new Angel Programme,we have enhanced the commission scheme. We have different commission for different hosting package that is converted. There will be Angel's gathering, lucky draw, contest and etc.
Can I get the RM 50 signed up bonus?
RM 50 is not applicable for existing affiliates. Only new Angel will receive the bonus. Existing affiliates can choose to create a new angel account with us or remain the existing one. The existing affiliate accounts will be terminated if affiliates choose to create new accounts, hence, commission accumulated will be forfeited.
Which url should I use to log in?
You can log in via

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